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Complimentary $10K a Month Pet Sitting Strategy Session

Are you struggling to turn your pet sitting business into a profitable pet sitting career? 

You can have clients wagging their tails to work with you without giving up your personal life!

So if you’re ready to…
  • Grow Your Pet Sitting Business
  • Earn More Money (& Work Less Hours) 
  • ​Develop Streamlined Systems that Work
Let’s hop on a call where we’ll discuss…
  • Where you are CURRENTLY in your business
  • What your business goals are
  • How to gain clarity on what steps you need to take to achieve your goals
  • ​What’s holding you back from scaling
I'm Colleen Sedgwick. Pet Sitting Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mom.

I can help you Launch, Grow & Multiply Your Pet Sitting Business.

Here’s how it works:

Please take a moment to fill out the pre-session questionnaire below. Your answers will help me prepare for our strategy session by getting to know you and your business a little better. 

The more details you can share, the better. This way, I can pack as much information as possible during our 30- 45-minute strategy session. 

After you submit your questionnaire, you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar that allows you to book a time slot that works best for you.

I can’t wait to strategize with you!