The Multiply Mastermind
The Pet Nanny Coach Colleen Sedgwick
The Multiply Mastermind Is the Secret Weapon for Pet Sitting Business Owners Ready to Fast-Track Their Incomes to 10k (or more) a month in revenue, and get their freedom back.
  • You’ve turned your passion for pets into paychecks, you’re doing what you love every day and life and business are good. 
  • But you know that they both could be better. Much better!
  • You’re ready to level up and start working ON your business rather than working IN your business so that you can create the life you deserve. 
  • ​You’re ready to make the leap to CEO from solo pet sitter and build a 6-figure income doing what you love. 
Does this sound familiar? 
  • Your business is making money but you feel exhausted all the time
  • ​You constantly worry about letting clients down 
  • ​You never see your family and friends anymore because you are working all the time
  • ​Your dream business is feeling like a 24-hour job
  • ​You can’t remember the last time you took a vacation
  • ​You can’t imagine getting out of this rut?
How do I know you feel this way? Because I was exactly where you are now.
I opened the doors to my pet sitting business, in 2001, but I certainly didn’t become an “expert” until many years later. 

Just like you I found that success in the early years meant working seven days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, I was making money but I had no time to spend with friends and family, no time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Something had to change.

I decided to go ‘all in’ and learn how to really grow the business. I hired my own private mentors, attended seminars, completed courses and programs, and participated in private mastermind meetings with some of the best and brightest in small business.

I transformed my once teeny-tiny, itty-bitty business into a thriving a lucrative enterprise that services over a thousand clients on The Main Line of Philadelphia.

And I’ve replicated that success for hundreds of other pet sitting business owners across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.
People might tell you that you can’t make six-figures owning a pet sitting business. I can tell you that they are absolutely wrong.
Like me, at the beginning of my business journey, you probably know WHY you want to make the change, but now you need to know HOW to do it. 

The great news is that there’s a way forward where you can keep running the business that you love, taking care of animals and your clients (if you choose,) while still having a life outside of work. 

I mean, let’s say that you had the opportunity to finally stop letting your business run over you. 
that you had access the same systems, strategies, and resources that allowed me to go from trading hours for dollars… to creating a sustainable business that didn’t require me to do everything myself… or to be “on call” 24/7! 
that you could dramatically decrease your workload… while creating the income, authority, and success that has eluded you for so long. 
that you had a whole “tribe” of mentors and peers sharing your journey to success with you… and that you could get the answers, support, and encouragement you need… any time of the day or night. 
Where do you start?
It’s time to expand. You need a team, smart systems and efficient automation to multiply your client base, your team, and your income. You will be able to start making some real money without putting more hours into work.
You can learn to do this today:
  • Even if you have never hired a single person before
  • ​Even if your clients “only want you as their pet sitter”
  • ​Even if you are nervous about managing a team
  • ​Even if you feel overwhelmed and exhausted in your business right now
  • ​Even if you have never taken a business course or training before
You will learn how to:
  • Organize your own time and resources for maximum results
  • ​Set achievable goals and meet them
  • ​Create a marketing system which works for you even when you’re asleep
  • ​Hire and retain the best pet care professionals to represent your company
  • ​Manage and nurture a brilliant team you can trust
  • ​Create an amazing customer experience which attracts and keeps premium clients 
  • ​Set up and run efficient systems to reduce your daily hours
  • ​Manage and optimize your finances
  • ​Hire team manager to free up more of your precious time
  • ​Automate your systems to create more freedom in your life
Jessica Abernathy
Jessica is attracting 25 new clients per month
"Colleen’s program is priceless. She gives you everything you could
possibly need to be successful in your business. We don’t have to
recreate anything, because Colleen provides it all. The community is
also invaluable. Learning with a group of other like-minded business
owners with the same goals of scaling our businesses makes the
process so much more fulfilling and enjoyable. We’re there to support
and be happy for each other."
Jennifer Dew
Jen built a 6-figure revenue in 12 months
"Colleen’s class has been a game changer for my business. I was at
a crossroads with too much growth and not having the proper systems
and processes in place to support it. Now I am ready to scale with
excellence! I really appreciate Colleen’s gift of teaching and organizing the course content into easy steps to help break things down so as to not get overwhelmed. I also love how the lessons build on each other week after week in a logical fashion. And I really appreciate how open Colleen has been with sharing her own business content, which saved us time as we were learning and made implementing the lessons so much easier because we could model our processes and procedures after hers. THANK YOU for everything Colleen!"
Jen Ristau
Jen almost closed her doors, but now she’s increased her business revenue by 30%
"I would absolutely recommend Colleen and her services. She
shared her wealth of knowledge, years of experience and countless
resources. The professionalism of all involved was refreshing. I also
feel that Colleen is genuinely invested in our growth and success, not just in business, but in our personal lives as well. It was an incredible experience and I am forever grateful!"
Ashley Carr
"The Multiply Mastermind is amazing. I cant believe how much I learned during this program. Initially I was worried I would be spending a lot of money for ideas that I would never really know how to implement, or that I would have to pay a lot more money for the tools I would need to implement. Colleen gave us everything we could possibly need to be successful, and answered any questions that we had no matter how off the wall, or repetitive."
“That. Sounds. AMAZING! So…what do I get as a Multiply Mastermind member?”
What’s included: 
Trainings on exactly what to do, in what order, with examples to follow.
The course curriculum is delivered to you inside an organized membership site. The lessons are given in bite-sized pieces so you can easily digest and implement the strategies. All of the planning work has been done for you. You simply follow the proven Multiply Formula. 
Learn live from Colleen as she teaches the MM curriculum and business growth strategies.
Live interaction with your head coach as she teaches the exact strategies she's implemented that have gotten her exceptional results.
Weekly live support to answer your burning questions, provide feedback, troubleshoot and gain massive clarity. 
Personalized support to make better decisions and get the answers to your pressing questions. Recordings of all of the calls will be given to you. 
A monthly session with your MM tribe and Colleen to get clear on the results you want to create for the month.  
Facilitated time to review your previous month and map out your current month. Clarity=power and what you track grows. 
Facilitated brainstorming time with other members of your tribe.
Come together with other high-achieving petpreneurs to discuss different marketing and social media strategies that are getting results.
1 monthly call with our Tech Expert.
You will have many questions as you’re building out your automation campaigns. We’ve got your back. Our resident tech guru will meet with you virtually to answer your questions and explain how the automations function.
6 of our most important automation campaigns.
Colleen explains in detail through video how 6 of her most essential automation campaigns are built out and function. We also supply you with all of the email copy, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when building your company’s automations. 
A private Facebook Group to connect with other like-minded petpreneurs with goals of scaling their pet sitting business to six figures and beyond. 
Our Facebook Group is a place to ask your peers questions, share wins, ask for feedback and foster deep friendships. 
Clarity, foundation, profit plan, messaging, winning website, magnetic marketing.
Most pet sitting professionals don’t have some of the foundational pieces laid for their businesses. The entire Launch & Grow Your Dream Pet Sitting Business ™ Program is available to you at no additional cost.
Not only do I provide the WHAT to do, the WHY to do it, the HOW to do it, I also provides you with her company’s documents, contracts, manuals, and handbooks, so you don’t have to recreate anything. She gives you what already works. Everything in the program is white labeled for you to put into action in your own business. 
The Curriculum:
How to become more strategic and productive with your time and use every working minute to the fullest to multiply your business and achieve your goals. 

The importance of regular marketing and how to set up a system which works hard for you every day, even when you are asleep.

How to attract, impress and keep premium clients, turning new customers into raving fans with my exact systems and welcome processes. 

My 8-step sitter hiring system to help you build the best team for your business. How to find, choose and onboard high-quality pet care professionals.

How and why you need to create a fully documented process for every aspect of your business so that it can run efficiently and profitably, even when you are on vacation.

How to track and analyze your business finances, how to hire the right professionals to help you manage and multiply your money. Get the inside track on my own financial best practices. 

How to find, hire and work with the ideal manager for your pet sitting business, and how to find and hire additional support so that you have more time to work on growing the core of your empire and multiplying your income. 

Whew… That’s A LOT, Right?
I’m only getting started! Just take a look at these BONUSES…
BONUS #1: Info Packet & Coupon Campaign Swipe File

BONUS #2: New Client Welcome & WOW Campaign Swipe File

BONUS #3: Upcoming Reservation Campaign Swipe File

BONUS #4: Holiday Reservation Reminders Campaign Swipe File

BONUS #5: Sitter Prospect Campaign Swipe File

BONUS #6: Sitter Onboarding Campaign Swipe File

BONUS #7: Employee Handbook

BONUS #8: Operations Manual

BONUS #9: Procedures Manual

BONUS #10: Templates, Checklists and Contracts and countless other resources that Colleen uses in her business

BONUS #11: Access to Launch & Grow Your Dream Pet Sitting Business Program™

BONUS #12: Complete library of Bonus Business Building Resources and Content

Look, I want to make absolutely sure that this is the right move for you. I mean, I’m pretty sure it is (otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this)… but let’s double-check anyway:
  • You are generating a minimum of $3k a month, but lack the consistency, systems, and structure you need to grow your pet sitting business without having to work harder or risk burnout.
  • You know that you need to get more strategic with how you grow your pet sitting business if you want it to last, but you’re not totally sure how.
  • You take responsibility for your own success and you’re not afraid to take action and do what it takes when you’ve got a game plan and accountability.
  • ​You don’t yet have a proven, repeatable, scalable process in place to attract new clients and customers every single month — you’re leaving it to fate, and it’s causing you frustration.
  • ​ You KNOW that you’re capable of more. More money and more time to enjoy the freedom lifestyle you set your sights on when you first got started… you’re just not sure how to do it without hustling harder
  • You just want to coast, work as little as possible and aren’t passionate about building your pet sitting business.
  • ​You’re not willing to do the work that makes accelerated growth possible. Psst...If you’ve read this far, you likely don’t have this problem.
  • ​You’re not coachable, open to taking suggestions, or an action-taker.
  • ​You’re not willing to contribute to the success of the group.
  • ​You’re a chronic skeptic and excuse maker.
Just Heads Up...
We are extremely picky with our applicants.
This isn't because we don't want to help you grow your business. 

It's because we are extremely protective of our other Multiply members and their experience inside the Mastermind.

Our members have not only made a significant financial investment with us but also an investment of their time which we don't take lightly. 

This is the reason we don't have time for those that aren't 100% committed to taking action and getting results. 

Launch & Grow Your Dream Pet Sitting Business is designed for pet lovers looking to break into the pet sitting industry or for newbie pet sitting business owners who want to transform their current businesses into a lucrative career.
(If you’re STILL not sure if Launch & Grow Your Dream Pet Sitting Business will work for your business, just shoot me a question in the chat box.)
How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a pet sitting business Expert?
I opened the doors to my pet sitting business, in 2001, but I certainly didn’t become an “expert” until many years later. I spent a lot of years floundering and I actually almost quit. What a mistake that would have been!  

I didn’t buckle down and start learning about business until around 2006. I hired my own private mentors, attended seminars, completed courses and programs, and participated in private mastermind meetings with some of the best and brightest in small business. You name it, I have done it… and it has paid off ten-fold. In 2007 I started to see my revenue numbers drastically increase. Then a few years after that, I was made aware that my income level was at the very top of the pet sitting industry. Next, other pet sitting business owners started reaching out to me and asking me how I did it and if I could mentor them. Since I had started my career as a teacher, I was immediately intrigued by the opportunity. After coaching many business owners to six figures in under 12 months, I decided my mission was to help as many pet sitting business owners as I could. I took my knowledge and expertise and packaged it into products and programs to support and guide others with goals of achieving lucrative careers in the pet industry. 
What type of student is a good fit for the Multiply Mastermind?
I work with growth-minded pet sitting business owners (petpreneurs if you will,) who want to multiply their pet sitting businesses to six figures and beyond and create the freedom to enjoy their lives.

The “Multiply Mary” or “Multiply Mike” are entrepreneurs who have an established business. They have clients, they’re making money, but they do everything themselves and have no time to grow their businesses substantially, not to mention have any time for themselves. Their biggest need right now is leverage. They need systems and practices to multiply their income and work less.
How are you different from other "business coaches?"
I work specifically with pet sitting business owners because that’s what I know and love! I also don’t teach any theoretical mumbo-jumbo. I teach the exact strategies that I have personally used to create $65,000+ of monthly revenue in my business.
What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?
Pet Nanny Coach workshops, products, and programs were created for people who are absolutely excited and deadly serious about building a professional and lucrative career in the pet industry. 

Being a high achieving go-getter myself, I’m known to work best with other high achieving go-getters who are ready to get going and want to know the exact steps they need to take to move the needle in their businesses. 

Consider what you’ll do with me to be an active learning course. You will be expected to take serious and consistent action.
For what type of person is this program NOT a good fit for?
Please know I’m very selective in who I work with, and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.)

A type of person I won’t work with (without exception) is the whiner or the chronic skeptic, as well as individuals who continuously make excuses for not getting their assignments done or those who challenge every aspect of the program. If you are one of these people, I kindly and respectfully ask that you not inquire and I hope you understand why. We probably won’t work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Fair enough?
How quickly can I expect results?
It all depends on how you show up and how quickly you implement the strategies we teach you. That being said, virtually all of my students see results within the first couple of weeks in the form of new clients, new prospects, great team members, more revenue, more referrals and more time! 
How can I guarantee myself the success that I desire?
Be entirely focused on the program. Show up to all of the coaching calls, have weekly check-ins with your accountability buddy, be active in the Facebook Group, engage with your mentor, ask questions and for feedback, watch the video lessons, complete the assignments and implement the strategies. This is the recipe for success. 
Will I recover the investment I put into this coaching program?
A resounding yes! Many students are excited to report that they were able to cover their investment often with only a few new clients. I want you to stop reading for just one moment to ask yourself, “what is a new client worth to me, and what is the average revenue I make from the lifetime of that one client?” Chances are, that amount will more than cover your coaching investment. Most likely, you will make ten times what you invested in this program in the next couple of years. The information and skills you learn will net you a 100 times what you invest over the next ten years… something to think over.
How will we work together and what does the program entail?
The Multiply Your Dream Pet Sitting Business Mastermind Program. This program is for established business owners, who are doing everything in their businesses including, pet sitting, phones, emails, scheduling, bookkeeping, etc. They are the bottleneck in their business. 

Multiply all about AUTOMATION, TEAM BUILDING, SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES to multiply their business to 6 figures and beyond. The name of the game is LEVERAGE!

  • 8 modules, worksheets, checklists, and templates
  • Videos walking you through each step of the Multiply Formula™
  • 24/7 Access to the VIP community
  • ​Access to LIVE Group Coaching Calls 
  • ​6 of Colleen’s Marketing Automation Campaigns
  • ​Weekly Office Hours
  • ​Monthly Tech Calls with a resident tech guru
  • ​The exact documents and resources that Colleen uses in her business
  • ​Access to The Launch & Grow Your Dream Pet Sitting Business Program™
  • Time Management System
  • ​Marketing System
  • ​Amazing Customer Experiences
  • ​Sitter Attraction System & Hiring System & Sitter Onboarding System
  • ​Organizing Your Finances
  • ​Documenting Your Systems and Processes 
  • ​Manager Hiring System
  • ​Other Best Practices 
Do you accept credit cards?
We do accept credit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express and Diners Club. 
Do you offer payment plans?
To make tuition more manageable for our students, we do offer a payment plan option.
Will I get access to all the materials the moment I purchase the program? How does this work?
Yes! You will have immediate access to the Pet Nanny Coach Membership Site which hoses The Multiply Mastermind Program content as soon as your checkout is complete and you sign our Service Agreement. 
What if I'm busy and don't have time to follow the program week after week?
You will get the best results if you show up live to the coaching and support calls, but if for some reason you can’t make a session live, all of our calls are recorded and shared within 24 hours. However, it will take time and commitment to apply the strategies to your business. If you do not have the time, I would wait to join the program until you do have the time. 
How involved will you be as the program leader?
Other than delivering the course material to you, my involvement in the program and as your instructor will be during our Topic Calls, Goal Planning Sessions, Office Hours and with support in The Multiply Your Dream Pet Sitting Business™ Facebook Group.

This means you will have official, LIVE, access to me three times a month to answer any questions you and other students have, PLUS questions that come up throughout the week in the group posts.
Can I DM or private message you if I need more help in the program?
No. Private messaging and 1:1 coaching access is only reserved for my private clients, but you can ask me as many questions as you need inside our Facebook group.
How many hours will I need to invest every week?
I would suggest committing 2-5 hours per week.
Can I only pay for certain modules?
No. The program is sold as a package and pieces of it will not be sold separately.
Are there refunds available?
Pet Nanny Coach will offer refunds for The Multiply Mastermind if:
  •  The refund request is made within (3) days of enrollment, and
  • You have not downloaded any of the course content.
You may simply contact our support team at, and let us know you’d like a refund by the 3rd day at 11:59 EST.
What happens after I enroll?
I hope you’ll do a happy dance with me! Every new enrollment email I receive gets a virtual high-five and happy dance, right here in my home office. On your side, you’ll receive a welcome email, instructions on accessing your member dashboard and next steps for where to start.
I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it's the right solution for me?
A way to sample Pet Nanny Coach is by visiting my blog where I provide tons of free content and downloads. Go to

You can also join my free Facebook Community of petpreneurs™ at